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7 Tao Questions to Determine My Likelihood of Having a Good NWM Experience

The Tao of Network Marketing

Harnessing the Wisdom and Freedom of an Entrepreneurial Journey

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Listen to a compelling interview with Wisdom Talk Radio and author John Drennan.

What readers say...

"With The Tao of Network Marketing, John Drennan hits a home run. This book infuses Tao principles with deep personal insights of the network marketing industry. He combines a trio of spiritual depth, personal experience, and practical tools. His sage advice will help you in navigating your decision to take the journey of network marketing and the success of that journey."

- Lisa Mininni, Best Selling Author of Me, Myself, and Why

"With proper guidance, network marketing can be one of the best places for a would-be entrepreneur to pursue the creation of a business. I’m very excited at John’s body of work, helping to bring clarity to this through transparent storytelling, the healthy confrontation of conventional wisdom, conceptual reframing, and the provision of a roadmap."

- James Rosseau, Sr. Author of Success on Your Terms

"John Drennan reveals in this book how to evaluate network market ing. Before there can be wealth creation there is wealth education. The Tao of Network Marketing helps in providing an understanding of a proven and satisfying vehicle for earning money, uncovering concepts and principles core to the business."

- Frank Aucoin, Creator of Wealth DNA Revealed

"John Drennan, a gifted teacher and leader with a heart for truth, cuts through the hype and delivers a straightforward, honest look at the rewards the network marketing industry offers. His frankness and vulnerability in sharing his journey will empower people to discover their own personal path to success.

- Dr. Darcy Hoffman, Author of Success Habits that Work

"John gives golden nuggets for network marketers at any level. There is no way you will not gain from reading this book. I wish there were books like this for me to read when I got started in this industry.

- Brian Carruthers, Best Selling Author of Building an Empire and Money Mindset